Earth Friendly Stations & Compostable Bags

Bow Wow Waste is committed to offering  environmental, earth-friendly products to help clean-up and dispose of waste and trash.

TRAIL PROVEN™ stations, dispensers, signs, can & post are made from post-consumer, recycled milk jugs, water bottles & plastics.

Compostable litter bags and trash can liners are made from corn bio-polymers, certified to meet ASTM6400 standard. The corn used is not the type for human consumption, so resources for feeding people are never compromised. 

We also use certified, post-consumer resin (PCR) to make The Purple Poop Bag™. PCR is made from discarded consumer plastics that were headed for landfills, diverted, washed, melted down and reused in new products. By not using virgin plastic, non-renewable oil resources are spared.

Bag & Liner Disclaimer: If dog waste is not accepted for commercial composting in your area, then bags and liners will have no environmental benefit, with the exception that they are not produced from oil. Home composting requires special composter to generate sufficient heat to kill pathogens in dog waste. Bags & liners may be used for kitchen scraps and landscape clippings and will be fully compostable. Meets FTC 2012 Green Guides for degrading within 12 months. Meets ASTM6400 Standard.

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