Dog Waste Bag Dispensers - How Do They Work?

Dog Waste Bag Dispensers - How Do They Work?

Dog waste bag dispensers are very simple pieces of hardware. They are designed to store and dispense dog waste bags. Very few people probably realize that these dispensers hold different sizes and styles of bags. Even fewer people probably know that each dog waste station's bag dispenser is not necessarily universal and will usually only accommodate the certain type of bag it was designed to store and dispense. There are two main styles of dispensers available today.

The style of bags that a dog waste bag dispenser may hold, is determined by the internal design of the unit.

Dog waste bag dispensers with internal shelving will most likely hold and dispense dog waste bags on a roll. Theses dispensers usually have at least two or more openings on the outside of the dispenser through which the bags are pulled out from the roll. Rolled dog waste bag dispensers are among the most common dispensers on the market and also probably the most reliable due to the no frills design.

Another type of dispenser is a hanging header bag dispenser. This type of dog waste bag dispenser usually has one to three prongs mounted on the inside of the box. The header dog waste bags, which have holes punched in them at the top of the header cards, are then hung from these prongs. This style unit will have one opening on the front from which a bag is pulled/dispensed. 

When deciding upon the best dog waste bag dispenser, you'll want to consider the benefits of each style.  

The roll bag dispenser is simple and functional. On the plus side, the refill bags will be the most economical, but there is a risk of wasted bags as when a dog owner pulls out more than one bag, which may not be used. The header dog waste bag dispenser will also work well and cuts down on wasted bags. Although the header refill bags cost a bit more, you will save on refills because users will only take one bag at a time.

Either of the dog waste bag dispensers mentioned above will serve the purpose of dispensing dog waste bags, but ultimately you'll need to decide between saving money through the reduction of wasted bags or saving money upfront with more affordable refills.