How Are Dog Waste Bag Dispensers Made?


Dog Waste Bag Dispensers

Dog waste bag dispensers are typically made from metal, plastic or even wood. Choosing a dispenser made from metal will hold up the longest and withstand years of use and weather.

Dog waste bag dispensers made from metal are created in the following manner. Every dispenser starts from a flat piece of metal that is then cut into measured sections to create the unit. The measured sections of metal are then punched and bent by large metal fabricating machines. This aspect of the manufacturing process is typically done in a machine shop that can accommodate the machines, which are usually very large. Once the various sized metal pieces of the unit have been cut, punched and bent, the pieces will then go to be painted. Most commercial dog waste bag dispensers will be powder coated, which is a process that electronically adheres the paint to the metal, making for a heavy duty, long lasting, protective layer of paint. Once all the pieces are ready, each section will then be riveted and/or welded together to form the completed piece. Labels and whatever else the supplier deems necessary will then be added last to make the dog waste bag dispenser ready for sale.

A few dog waste bag dispensers made from plastic. The thickness of the dispensers is very important because plastic is easily bent and broken. Be wary of any plastic unit that seems thin or flimsy, as it will not hold up well to long term usage and weather. Plastic dog waste bag dispensers should be very thick for longevity, but, in general, should be avoid as they usually do not outlast metal or aluminum dispensers.

Creation of a plastic bag dispenser is done via a mold. A mold is created to the exact dimensions of the desired piece. Plastic is then put into the mould and then formed to create the dog waste bag dispenser. The plastic pieces are then assembled together to form the finished product. Labels and whatever else the supplier deems necesssary will be added to make it ready for sale.

Dog waste bag dispensers made from wood are attractive and blend well into a wooded environment. However, they are not recommended due to the fact that wood can hold moisture, mold, rot, attract termites, and fade in color over time. Wooden dog waste bag dispensers should only be used in areas that will get very light usage.

Dog waste bag dispensers, made from either plastic or steel, if properly manufactured, should last several years at the very least.