Dog Waste Bags - Where Can I Find Them?

Dog Waste Bags - Where Can I Find Them?

Maybe you just adopted or bought your first dog. Maybe you've had dogs for years, but never bothered with or needed dog waste bags. However, for whatever reason, you may now realize a need for affordable, quality dog waste bags. Of course you can substitute that leftover newspaper plastic bag for a dog waste bag.

The good news is that dog waste bags, especially user friendly bags, are easily found in your pet stores or online at Bow Wow Waste, or pet boutiques and doggy daycares.  

Once you've identified the need for your dog waste bags, you'll obviously want bags that are affordable and don't rip or tear easily. 

You'll want to look for dog waste bags that are dark in color so you can't see what you're picking up. Plus, dark color bags will hide the contents when you're carrying them during a walk or disposing of it in the trash. 

It's also recommended that you buy your dog waste bags in bulk. This tactic will probably save you a lot of money versus buying your bags in smaller quantities. 

In conclusion, dog waste bags are easily found at pet stores, or online at Just be sure that what ever bags you purchase come from a reliable supplier.