Dog Waste Stations - Choosing the Right Waste Can

Dog Waste Stations - Choosing the Right Waste Can

Upon making the decision to move forward with the installation of dog waste stations, you’ll need to keep the following information in mind regarding the dog waste can receptacle that you choose with your station.

The waste receptacle for your dog waste station is important. Why you ask? First and foremost this is the part of the station that will hold the used dog waste bags. Not only should your waste can be sturdy, you should always make sure the waste can has an attached lid. There are numerous reasons for the lid.

First, your dog waste station waste can lid will help keep animals and bugs from easily entering the waste can. There are different waste cans with different lids on the market, any lid will work well, but just make sure your dog waste station comes with a lid on the waste can.

The second reason for a lid on your dog waste can is to keep the odor out. Used dog waste bags will begin to emit unpleasant odors over time and the lid will help to reduce the smell.

The final reason, and perhaps the most important for a dog waste can to have a lid, is to keep out water. Open waste cans on dog waste stations allow rain and sprinkler water to fill up in the waste receptacle. This water, when mixed with the dog waste bags, may create a nasty concoction of “waste soup”. Removing the used can liner bag under these circumstances from the station and replacing a fresh liner bag is especially unpleasant for anyone tasked with this chore. A lid will help to significantly keep water out while keeping the dog waste bags and can liner bag dry. Your dog waste can lid doesn’t have to be fancy, but it must be effective in preventing animals, odors and water from entering your dog waste can receptacle.