How Are Dog Waste Bags Made?

How Are Dog Waste Bags Made?

Dog Waste Bags are typically manufactured from polyethylene resin. Polyethylene bags usually are made from three differing densities of polyethylene such as high density, low density, or linear low density resins.

High density dog waste bags are more rigid and crinkly, making noise when they are folded or bunched together. Low density or linear low density dog waste bags are smoother and have higher tensile strength, meaning they can stretch more without breaking. Many waste bags are made from combinations of these three polyethylenes.

Once the polyethylene type is decided upon, the plastic film is then created using a blown film extrusion method. This method of manufacturing works like this...

Resin pellets arrive at the factory and are then melted. The melted, raw material is then extruded in a tubular form by blowing cool air through the middle of the hot film. The dog waste bag size is determined by the amount of cool air blown through the film. Larger dog waste bags have more air blown through the film and smaller bags have less air blown through the film.

After the blown film has cooled, it is then pressed flat on a roller. Dog waste bags that require gussets (indentations on the sides of a bag that expand to give it a larger area) have their edges pressed prior to being flattened.  

Once they have been pressed, dog waste bags are then cut, sealed, and sized to their specific size requirements. At this time, printing on the bags may also be done.

Dog waste bags will typically be made in roll or wicket styles. Rolled bags are exactly what they sound like. They are rolled during production and perforated between each individual bag. They can then be spun off the roll when needed. Dog waste bags on a wicket are individually perforated and attach to a header card. The header card of wicket style bags holds everything together. This header card is also the main point from which the wicket style bags usually hang from one or multiple hooks.

Any dog waste bag should be disposed of properly after each use.