Dog Waste Stations - Looking After Your Dogs

Dog Waste Stations - Looking After Your Dogs

Dog Waste Stations

When it comes to keeping the streets clean, one thing your community should consider are the dog waste stations that you use. For many people with dogs, this is the last thing that they want to think about. Most communities are on fairly tight budgets, so money needs to be spent wisely. There might even be some people within your community that will try to convince you that spending money on dog waste stations is not worth the expense. They will argue that the expense of dog waste stations should be paid for and provided by dog owners. On the surface, this may sound like an ideal way of looking at the situation, but a lot of people are not going to clean up after their dogs if the dog waste stations are not nearby or available.

Here is the truth about dog waste stations. They are put out because of the need to provide dog waste bags for your community, which in turn creates a cleaner, more beautiful community. Even the most careless community members are not going to let their dogs poop on the ground without picking it up when they have access to dog waste stations that have been strategically placed along paths and dog walk areas. The presence of the dog waste stations shows that your community is responsible and cares about the cleanliness of its grounds.

Another thing to consider is getting the best dog waste station for environmental reasons. The best dog waste stations will last and typically come with user friendly/commercial grade dog waste bags. A well made dog waste station will last for years, while the user friendly/commercial grade bags will not adversely hurt the environment.  

If your community wants to say no to pollution, then it may be time to take up the issue with your community's board of directors to make sure people in your neighborhood install and use dog waste stations and bags. It will help foster cleaner yards and streets almost immediately.