COMPOSTABLE 33" x 40" Large Can Liners

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Product Overview

Compostable, Certified ASTM6400 LARGE Can Liner 33" x 40" 

  • Meets Federal Trade Commission 2012 Green Guides
  • Plant-Based Biopolymers Certified by TUV*
  • Non-GMO, Organic
  • Leak Proof, Odor Blocking
  • Meets ASTM6400 Standard- 100% Compostable*

Color: Green

Thickness: 30 Microns  

Liner Size: 33" l x 40" w LARGE

Qty: 10 per roll /  10 rolls per case

Print: one side, black

Case Qty: 100 liners 

PALLET SALE: Pallet of 80 cases. $6397.60 per pallet=$79.97 per case. Free Shipping. YOUR BEST DEAL EVER.

Our liners are a 'must-have' because they are sized & designed for dog waste cans, with a star-seal, leak-proof bottom. No one wants a liner full of dog waste to burst open. That's why we made ours extra strong.

BW-3340C–Compostable Large Can Liners 
Our 33" x 40" compostable liners are a 'must-have'. They are sized and designed for 30-40 gallon cans, Brute, Slim Jim and others. Star-seal, leak-proof bottom. 

*If dog waste is not accepted for commercial composting in your area then liners will have no environmental benefit, with the exception that they are not produced from oil. Dog waste is not recommended for home composting as heat is not sufficient to kill pathogens in dog waste. Liners may be used for kitchen scraps and landscape clippings and will be fully compostable. Meets FTC 2012 Green Guides for degrading within 12 months. Meets ASTM6400 Standard.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review