BIG Trash Can Liners –45 Gallon –Case of 100

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BIG Trash Can Liners. Commercial Grade. 45 Gallon
10 rolls per case,10 liners per roll. Case of 100 liners.
Star Seal bottom for extra strength.
Leak-proof and pass the 'puncture test'

These are too large and NOT for dog waste trash cans. These are for commercial 40-45 gallon
trash cans & drums ---Rubbermaid, Brute, Slim Jim, etc.  If you need dog waste station can liners, see our item BW-002.

Color: BLACK, Opaque
Size: 40" W x 46" L
Bag Thickness: 1.3 mil, heavy duty
Liners Per Roll: 10
Rolls Per Case: 10
Quantity: 100 liners per case
Weight: 11 lbs

ITEM #: BW-055, BIG Trash Can Liners, Case of 100
Fits: 40-45 gallon trash cans.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review