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Dog Waste Stations - Do I Need Them?

Dog Waste Stations - Do I Need Them?

Dog Waste Stations

The need for dog waste stations should be considered anywhere dogs are doing their business. This may be anywhere from a designated dog walk area to a dog park or even an open grassy area in a neighborhood. Installing and offering dog waste stations will provide dog owners with dog waste bags while also instructing them as to the importance of cleaning up after their dogs. Many dog owners don’t realize the danger pet waste carries and the harm it does to the environment. The availability of dog waste stations will minimize these risks and help to cut down on the build up of dog waste.

Maybe you’re concerned that pet waste stations will cost too much or that the refilling and supplying of dog waste bags will be too costly. In reality, they are very affordable in today’s market. Also, refill bags are much more affordable.

Dog waste stations and waste bags can be purchased and shipped for as little as $85.40 for a Starter Station with 2000 bags from Bow Wow Waste. Plus, once a dog waste station is purchased, they are fairly simple to install and don’t require any specialized experience or maintenance.

If your goal is keeping your apartment complex, dog park, neighborhood or any place dogs frequent; you’ll want to seriously consider the addition of dog waste stations. They are affordable, simple to install and will help maintain a clean environment.