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Dog Waste Bags...Why Should I Use Them?


Dog Waste Bags

If you have a dog and take that dog anywhere outside your own home, you may ask yourself why do I need dog waste bags? It's inevitable that anywhere we take our dogs, there will be a chance we'll need to clean up after them. No one wants to pollute the environment or get fined. That's where dog waste bags come into play.

Dog waste bags are very easy to carry and don't take up a lot room, so there's no excuse to not take them along for the walk. You can stuff the bags into your pockets, purse, tie them around your leash or put them in one of those little plastic bag dispensers that attach by a clip.  

Today, most dog waste bags are degradable, so they won't hurt the environment, unlike dog waste that is improperly disposed of. Dog waste left unchecked can make its way into our lakes, rivers, streams and cause fishing and swimming to be suspended because of the fecal coliform bacteria dog waste contains. Simply picking up your dogs waste with a dog waste bag will help prevent the fecal coliform bacteria from washing into these bodies of water. Not to mention that since many bags are now oxo-biodegradable, you won't have to worry about disposing of them in the trash because the dog waste bag will degrade over 12 months, not hundreds of years.

Also, if you're like me and you like to keep your money in your pocket, you'll be sure to carry dog waste bags with you at all times. Why you ask? In many parks and towns, not picking up your dog's waste can lead to fines of $50 or more. For less than $50, you can purchase hundreds if not thousands of bags at your local pet store or over the internet: Bow Wow Waste.

Finally, dog waste bags will not only keep the environment clean and money in your pocket, but they will also help you be a good neighbor and dog owner. Using a bag when your dog poops in your neighbor's yard, the park or anywhere else, will help keep the next person from stepping in your dog's waste.  

So be a responsible dog owner and always carry a few dog waste bags with you to share with others.