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Dog Waste Bags - The Different Styles

Dog Waste Bags - The Different Styles

DISCLAIMER: Per the FTC 2012 Green Guidelines, if your community uses a sanitary landfill or incineration to dispose of trash, then NO BAG -- oxo-biodegradable, biodegradable, compostable, corn based or even paper, will have any environmental benefit.

Whether you're a long time user of dog waste bags or just recently started using them, you've probably noticed there are different styles on the market. This article will simply explain the different styles of dog waste bags you might come across.

The first and most widely used style of dog waste bags are standard, roll bags. This style of bag usually comes on a roll like what you see at the produce stand in your grocery store. Roll Bag dog waste bags have no gussets (which we'll get into later) and no frills, but they work very well. Measuring roll bags from top to bottom and side to side will give you the total useable area of the bag.

Another style of dog waste bag is the gusseted bag. Gusseted bags have sides that expand, which create more useable bag area, which in turn allow accommodate larger and bulkier items. This type of dog waste bag is probably one of the oldest styles around. The best comparison would be the old style paper bags found in grocery stores.

A third style of dog waste bag is the t-shirt handle bag. T-shirt handle bags are usually a bit smaller in useable bag area when compared to the gusseted or flat bags, but have the t-shirt handles for tying the bag together. This style of dog waste bag is usually found at the checkout stand in convenience or grocery stores. T-shirt handle bags tend to be thinner.

When choosing your favorite style of dog waste bags, the most important thing is deciding what type works best and easiest for you. Do you want a bag with more useable area or one that ties up easily? Whatever your preference, always try to use a user friendly dog waste bag such as Bow Wow Waste's dog waste bags and remember to dispose of them properly.