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Choose the Right Pet Waste Product

Bow Wow Pet Waste Products was created to offer a full-range of environmentally friendly, affordable, and intelligent products for the management and disposal of dog waste in apartment communities, homeowners associations, parks, dog parks, hotels and other dog friendly areas.

Bow Wow Waste is committed to offering green products that leave the smallest footprint on the environment. We offer oxo-biodegradable dog waste bags and waste can liners, which will break down in aerobic and anaerobic environments such as landfills. All Bow Wow Pet Waste Products pet litterbags and waste can liners should be used within one year after purchased due the natural degradation process of the bags.

All of our oxo-biodegradable dog waste bags will fit almost all competitors’ dispensers in addition to ours. There is no need to purchase new dispensers if you already have existing dispensers in place.

Our pet waste stations and dog waste bag dispensers are made from rustproof aluminum.

Place our pet waste stations or dispensers in any dog-friendly area to effectively allow dog owners to manage and dispose of their dog’s waste. When deciding how many pet waste stations or dog waste bag dispensers a property may require, we recommend about one pet waste station or dispenser per acre of open area for parks.

For apartments, we recommend approximately 1 pet waste station or dispenser for about every 50-80 units.

For HOAs and other communities, we recommend placing the pet waste stations or dispensers near common areas and areas easily accessible to dog walkers.

However, please be aware that each property is unique and that some high traffic properties may require more. Try to place the pet waste stations or dispensers nearby paths, dog walks, and entrances or exits to parks or common areas.

The pet waste station installation process is very simple and only requires a shovel and/or post digger, wrench or pliers and a bag of quick setting cement. Each station comes with clear instructions for assembly. We are always available to answer any questions or make any recommendations as to exactly what might be the most beneficial solution to help you manage dog waste.