"Green Land Abstract" Dispense-Art™ Designer Dog Station

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Product Overview

Designer Dog Waste Station. Artistic Designs Screen-printed and powder coated to last!

Choose Station Type: Full Station, Mini Station, Low Profile, Starter Station, Dispenser Only 
Choose Bag Type: Roll Bag, Mittn Header Bags.

Choose Station Color:  Matte Green or Matte Black

Full Station Includes EVERYTHING:
Sign -high visibility aluminum
Post -telescoping, square, galvanized strong
Bag Dispenser -aluminum, locking, tamper-proof
Waste Can with Lid -with can clamps to prevent liner slip-in
400 Dog Waste Bags 
25 Can Liners
Hardware & Installation Instructions

Dispenses 600 bags at time.
Rustproof, high-strength aluminum –for longevity and ease of maintenance. 
Lidded Waste Can holds 10 gallons, with built-in retention clamps to prevent liner slip-in.

Installed Size: 72" H x 13" W x 15" D
42 lbs

*Please allow uo to 5 business days for shipping 

Dog Waste Station Tip #3 - Always install  dog waste stations in areas that are accessible and easily seen. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review