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Pet Waste Stations - Choose Degradable Liners for Your Station

Pet Waste Stations - Choose Oxo-Biodegradable Liners for Your Station

Pet Waste Stations

If you have/manage pet waste stations, choosing oxo-biodegradable dog waste bags to stock them is environmentally sound. Most personnel that buy and/or maintain pet waste stations make this choice.  

Pet waste stations usually come with a certain amount of oxo-biodegradable waste can liners for the waste can. Frequently however, once a park or property runs out of the initial supply of oxo-biodegradable liners, a decision is made to use standard, non-degradable can liners.

Using a non-degradable can liner in your pet waste station defeats the purpose of maintaining an earth-friendly system.

Oxo-biodegradable dog waste bags dispensed from your pet waste station are better for the environment than standard plastic bags. They degrade over time and won’t pollute the environment for years to come.

If pet waste station users are placing their dog’s waste in an oxo-biodegradable dog waste bag and then in a non-degradable can liner, the end result defeats the whole purpose of using an earth-friendly system. The oxo-biodegradable bags and the dog waste will remain inside of the non-degradable plastic liner bags for years to come instead of degrading harmlessly over one to two years.

Furthermore, the cost difference between a standard plastic bag and an oxo-biodegradable plastic bag for your pet waste station is minimal. If you’re paying for oxo-biodegradable dog waste bags, it makes sense to maintain your investment in the environment with oxo-biodegradable waste can liners.