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Degradable Dog Waste Bag Information

Degradable Dog Waste Bag Information

Degradable Dog Waste Bags

As most people today are aware, standard plastic bags do not break down for hundreds of years. They are a major environmental hazard and can end up in our oceans, lakes, green spaces and everywhere in between, causing harm to wildlife and people alike, while also needlessly taking up landfill space. Non-degradable plastic bags should be properly disposed of or recycled to avoid the numerous problems they can cause our environement.

At Bow Wow Pet Waste Products, we carry only oxo-biodegradable plastic dog waste bags. Our dog waste bags are rendered degradable during manufacturing by the addition of a special additive called TDPA, which is made by EPI, based in Vancouver, Canada. All our dog waste bags contain an additive, which is completely harmless to the environment, that causes the dog waste bags to degrade. The degradation process is caused by UV light, heat, and mechanical stress. Once the dog poop bags are directly exposed to these elements, the dog waste bags become brittle and begin to break down into small particles and attract moisture. Then, in the presence of oxygen, micro-organisms consume the small particles yielding carbon dioxide, biomass and water. Through photosythesis, green plants consume the the carbon dioxide and water, thus completing the bio-cycle of our degradable dog waste bags.

For more information on EPI and its products, please visit EPI-GLOBAL.com

The speed at which our dog waste bags degrade is determined by the percentage of TDPA that is added to the bags during manufacturing. Simply put, the higher percentage of TDPA will cause the dog waste bags to break down much quicker, while a lower percentage will take a bit longer to begin degrading. We add a certain percentage of TDPA that causes our bags to begin breaking down within about 12 months or so. Therefore, we recommend using the dog waste bags within about one year of purchase. Store the bags away from extreme heat or sunlight until they are placed in the appropriate setting so they may be used for their specific purpose.

Degradable plastic is defined by the American Society For Testing and Materials as a plastic designed to undergo significant change in its chemical structure under specific environmental conditions, resulting in a loss of some properties that vary as measured by standard test methods appropriate to the plastic and the application in a period of time that determines its classification. ASTM - D883-99

Biodegradable plastics i.e., dog waste bags can be made from a number of different materials such as starch (think of corn and other renewable resources), polymers (hydrocarbons, which are basically oil and gas), starch and polyester blends, oxo-biodegradable films (plastics with natural additives such as TDPA by EPI), photodegradable polymers (plastics that are broken down by UV light) and water soluble polymers that dissolve in water at a certain temperature range.

If you have any questions about our dog waste bags or any of our products, please feel free to contact us at anytime.