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Creative Ways to Utilize Used Dog Waste Bags

Creative Ways to Used Utilize Dog Waste Bags

Dog Waste Bags

Untreated dog waste pollutes and transmits disease and bacteria. It contains viruses and parasites that can be transmitted to humans and animals and therefore does not make a good fertilizer if left untreated. As a dog owner, picking up your dog’s waste with a dog waste bag or scoop is the responsible and environmentally sound thing to do. After properly knotting the waste bag, proper disposal is essential to keep it from harming the environment or people.

Proper disposal of used pet waste bags usually entails throwing it in the trash. However, there are some unique and creative ways to turn this disposal into an environmentally friendly positive.

The first positive way is through proper regulated composting. Composting of dog waste must be done properly to ensure that all the dangerous bacteria and pathogens have been removed and/or killed. Envirowagg, a company based in Colorado, takes used dog waste bags and composts the waste into a special fertilizer that is then sold for use in houseplants. Learn more at Envirowagg.com.

Another option, which recently emerged, involves the use of tanks in which used dog waste bags are deposited. These tanks hold the bags in a sealed container and use the methane emitted by the dog waste to power lampposts or any other small electrical unit. This concept though fairly new, presents a very interesting and useful technique for harnessing energy from an otherwise useless and potentially harmful source.

Even though you may not have the ability to compost your own pet waste bags or the knowledge to create a dog waste powered “power plant”, your first option should always be to clean up your dog’s waste and properly dispose of it using a dog waste bag. This will, at the very least, make you a responsible dog owner and keep our environment a little cleaner.